Why Language Matters

November 14, 2023

Why Language Matters

Shared language helps us connect with and appreciate the environment we live, grow and develop in. 

13.9% of Americans are foreign born. They also say about 1 in 5 people in America speak a language other than English at home. If you aren't a first generation American consider yourself lucky but remember at one point your grandparents or parents faced a language barrier when they first came to the United States. 

They had to overcome language barriers with determination and limited support. Their bravery and resilience are a testament to the spirit of immigrants, which has shaped our nation. As we keep our culture alive, we must also honor  those who faced language hurdles, as their stories are an integral part of the American experience.

The Value in Interpreters

Interpreters ensure that voices are heard and stories are shared, creating a more inclusive and interconnected global society. In essence, interpreters are the linchpins of communication, forging essential links that bring people together and promote harmony.

In a world characterized by increasing cultural diversity, interpreters facilitate interactions in various settings, from healthcare and legal proceedings to international trading and everyday conversations. Interpreters are indispensable for international cooperation and overall all business. They facilitate clear communication between cultures to reduce misunderstandings and conflicts.

Also having an interpreter can help cross-cultural understandings, as they help convey not only words but also the nuances of culture, tone, and context. By doing so, they contribute to empathy and mutual respect among individuals from diverse backgrounds.

If you don't happen to be bilingual, having access to language services can significantly increase your value in today's world by expanding your opportunities and horizons.

Why I  Believe in Professional Interpreters

Accurate language services enhance your ability to engage in meaningful dialogue, build relationships, and navigate diverse environments. Whether in business, diplomacy, healthcare, or social interactions, having access to language services not only breaks down barriers but also enhances your capacity to thrive and make a meaningful impact in our connected world, ultimately increasing your value and opportunities.